Fall Decorating Tips (Halloween until Thanksgiving!)

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And with a “Boo!”, the fun of fall decorating is upon us! Happy Halloween!!

The trees are so colorful they seems to be glowing, pumpkins are creatively arranged on stoops, bats and skeletons cover entryways. It’s pure magic, but as much as we love it, we also hate the constant pressure to have a perfectly decorated house.

BTW, did you know our Hanover Avenue is the one written up here?!?!

Full Fall Disclosure: all of us at Hanover Avenue are pretty lazy. We only want to decorate for fall once because, lets face it, it’s easier and cheaper! So we found a way to harness the magic of the season from Halloween to Thanksgiving with one swoop!

4 Fall Decorating Tips

1. Use neutral decorations: avoid kitsch in favor of the classics! This will carry you through Halloween until the end of November. Aren’t these white pumpkins the best? We are smitten with the real thing, but they can’t be used year after year (and remember, we’re lazy). We used Rust-Oleum chalk paint and the cheapest plastic pumpkins we could find! Behold the before that look tacky as hell and the after that look like porcelain…. Simply scatter them on mantles and on the table. Easy Peasy!

2. Dead or dried flowers are your secret weapon. We love to mix textures – leaves, grasses, pods, seeds, etc. But most of all, we recommend combining dead sculptural cuttings with flowers or fall foliage. Haunt your dying garden, literally! Purple cone flowers become the coolest spiky balls, basil dies and leaves the most gorgeous skeleton behind, hydrangeas dry beautifully, and grasses turn into fluffy masses indoors. Best, you don’t need a drop of water!


3. Mix feathers into your arrangements. No need for water here either, and they give dried flowers even more dimension and visual interest. Often store bought feathers also add needed height to an arrangement. PS, they are a lazy person’s dream because they can be used year after year too!

4. Arrange your flowers in something other than a “traditional” vase. Everyone will notice the originality! Check out all of the different things we used to hold our arrangements. I spy a sterling silver cream holder, a silver baby cup, a glass bowl, and a wooden “thing” that we found on the side of the road….

Enjoy making your house “Autumnal” as Martha would say! ((giggle)) We hope our laziness helps you in some small way? Have a spooky fun time trick-or-treating this evening!

#FlawlessDesignForAll & remember, pinning is winning 🙂



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