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Anne Tollett Decorates Her Dining Room for the Holidays

Photography by Hanover Avenue

Tree Skirt
Red, Green and Gold Satin Ornament
Birdie Ornaments
Multi Colored Mini Balls
Heirloom Stockings
Candy Cane Ornaments
Classic Black Dining Chair
Faux Tree with Lights
Multicolor Ornaments


Remember Anne’s Dining Room Story? Well, we wanted to show you how we Deck the Halls and “do it up” for Christmas at Hanover Avenue! With just a few colorful bobbles and greenery from the yard, this dining room gets pulled together in a flash! Check out the cool before and after slider – just click and drag the little white diamond – it’s fun!


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1. The most time-intensive aspect of this room was the tree, so here is a step-by-step video of that transformation, as well as a Special Holiday Decorations Buying Guide that includes lights, ornaments, and other goodies similar to the ones we used!

*Full Disclosure: The tree’s fake (wince!), but sometimes you just have to cave to the lazy ease of a fake tree. We rationalize using fake plants here – it just makes us feel better to ‘explain’ the benefits of fake plants – rationalize, rationalize, rationalize, rationalize the fake plants….

2. We simply plopped a few tangerines and broken ornaments (a mix of vintage and new) on top of the existing bowl of marble eggs. Grab some magnolia branches and two clusters of red berries, and you’re almost finished! Complete the table by scattering a bag of colorful and sparkly wrapped candies…. This truly takes minutes to do!

3. Every Home Improvement store has scrap Christmas Tree branches for free. We picked up a couple and casually placed them on the mantle and in the same hunk of wood that we have up there year round (the holes in the wood have old spice jars in them to hold the water for the greenery). Add mini ornaments that are both vintage and new to keep things interesting, and you’re practically finished! Plastic candy canes that look like glass help the branches stay in place, and fake succulents complete the look – see, fake plants are little work horses!

4. Ooooh, those stockings! I made the one with the beaded tree for my sweet man, Rad, when we were dating, and the ones with the pearls I made while pregnant with our two sweet girls. My godmother made the wool one that says ‘Anne’ 100 years ago when I was a baby, and the plain red one that smells of catnip is for The Village Idiot. Each beaded one came out of my imagination, but there are loads of websites that teach you how to make fun stockings, and we have found some really cool above…. Here’s the point: MIX IT UP! Choose stockings that feel original and create memories and Christmas chatter!


Mix old and new! Try not to be dyed to match or paint by number when you are decorating for the holidays! Do this on the table, the tree, the mantle, everywhere! This gives an infusion of history and a warm nod to your relatives that loved you all your life. And when you do buy new bobbles, try to pick fun ones you love, because what is new today will be old and treasured by your grandkids!


It doesn’t matter if your floorplan is not the same! DESIGN GUIDES with room planners and templates help you get this look in your own house – no matter what your layout! We show you exactly how we do it – It’s So Easy! If you love paper dolls, you will LOVE this!

We hope you have a much fun as we do decorating for the holidays this year! It’s fun to make your house jingle, and very soon, we will show you a much more mellow way to make your house merry!

#FlawlessDesignForAll & remember, pinning is winning 🙂



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