Before & After

Gramercy Park Apartment: Living Room, Bedroom & Entry

Square footage is hard to come by in New York! When you have an apartment with intimate space, it's difficult to make it feel bigger than it is. So how did we help? We created three rooms in one for this Southern Belle turned NYC executive! Read to see how we infused touches of Southern style into this apartment to make her feel at home, while also creating the illusion of more space. The Before & Afters will hopefully inspire you to use your square footage to the max!

Dallas Modern Living Room

We created two version of the same space, one version as Splurge and the next as Save! Learn how we designed a modern living room for a precious Dallas family as our first commissioned room at Hanover Avenue! We show you all of the coveted designer tips and where to buy it all! And you won't believe the art installations that anyone can do. This was fun!