Lauren Liess Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Ohhh, Amazing Lauren Liess! The fabulous designer with a flawless textile line and newly published a book generously made time to sit and chat with us on film like old friends (even thought we have never met!) She's carefully curated an aesthetic over the years that's simple, relaxed and natural - and guess what, it is a perfect reflection of her natural, relaxed and fun personality! We show you how to recreate this flawless bedroom, and you don't want to miss the fabulous videos of Sweet Lauren!

Girl’s Bedroom in a Rental House

Adding your own personality to a rental property is such a challenge! When you can't paint the walls or add custom details, it becomes a daunting task, especially if you're raising a girl who wants a fun bedroom. See how we designed this room with pieces that not only make this rental shine, but also can be used in any space. This room feels like a rental no more!

Gramercy Park Apartment: Living Room, Bedroom & Entry

Square footage is hard to come by in New York! When you have an apartment with intimate space, it's difficult to make it feel bigger than it is. So how did we help? We created three rooms in one for this Southern Belle turned NYC executive! Read to see how we infused touches of Southern style into this apartment to make her feel at home, while also creating the illusion of more space. The Before & Afters will hopefully inspire you to use your square footage to the max!

Affordable Bedroom Retreat

We were able to achieve this entire look for right around $5000.00! Yep, that's right, EVERYTHING you see in these images from carpeting to boxspring, paint to pillows, comes in right around 5K. I know. It's thrilling! So sit back, lose your mind to these before and afters, and learn how to re-create this look in your own house!

The Dream Closet for Summer

Remember this room?! We designed this closet closely with Rachel Yonan of Touting My Wears, carefully placing every drawer, shelf, bar, and appliance (yes, appliances!) around what she imagined would work best for fashion if money were no object. The result is a swoon-worthy space that anyone can fall in love with! The best part: she has stocked the closet with all of her top picks for summer!! From "thread to bobble", everything that she loves and wants you to see for the season is hanging and folded with links to stores so you can buy it all! This is a must see!

“Unfinished” Basement as a City Loft

Welp, we’re not in the basement anymore! Many of you may remember elements of this space as “The Unfinished Basement”, and as promised, we wanted to reveal how to use these same pieces in a sophisticated Brooklyn-style urban loft or pied-à-terre. While you don’t have to worry about flooding or cracks in this space, these “bulletproof” indoor/outdoor pieces still make for a worthy investment for the first-time homeowner or anyone who wants a stylish apartment. Super versatile and chic, they’ll always work anywhere, whether used together or arranged separately. Now, on to the loft!

A Coastal Bedroom

Who has time to think about what goes into a bedroom when your days are spent raising little boys and saving lives at a hospital? When we got the opportunity to design our first ‘Room Makeover’, I did an emotional cartwheel (I can’t do a physical cartwheel) because who deserves a bedroom sanctuary more than a hardworking doctor and mother? We’re thrilled to be able to unveil this bedroom here today as a little present to a wonderful family!

The Pink Bedroom

At least once in our life we will have a pink room. And single men reading this (would a single straight man even read this?), one day you may marry a girl who wants a pink room for either herself, your baby, your teenage daughter, or as a guest room. Because let’s face it, pink done right is stunning, and it makes everyone in its glow look prettier. (Plus, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have pink on my mind!)